I am an approved healer in Norway by DNH and yoga teacher from YAI with my own studio and teachings since year 2010. My greatest passion is to help you towards a transformation that gives you greater vitality and a direction that gives life more meaning. Since I moved to Cyprus I reach out and help people who need with my online offers. 

How I can help you from a distance...

Energy medicine, healing or spiritual guidance works equally well from a distance. Through the screen I will guide and help you with your problems....

Energy healers believe that energy can be transported through space and time, which means that energy healing can take place even over a geographical distance. 

I am highly sensitive who feels the client's blockages. I have no problems with this even on the other side of the globe.

The goal and intention of all healing is always to restore the balance of energy to support physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It can involve physically touching the body or working non-physically with the body's energy, which we call "remote healing".

Many people are skeptical of this form of healing, but some research has shown interesting results. However, results of working with energy is difficult to prove so the actual experience of the treatment becomes the most important. But,

If you feel it right it could also be a sign, your intuition telling you that this is what you need...

These are my online offers:

  • Distant healing / chakra healing
  • Aura cleansing (we remove negative energy from your energy field).
  • Intuitive / spiritual guidance / life coaching
  • HealingYoga therapy (this is a combination of yoga, healing, breathwork, lifestyle advice and life coaching/guidance. We meet on screen first before I do the recording - sending you the video to use at home).

All sessions can be done in english or norwegian.


  • Distant healing / chakra healing 60 min: NOK 1350,- (118 Euro)
  • Intuitive guidance / life coaching 60 min: NOK 1250,- (109 Euro)
  • Yoga therapy 90 min: NOK 1600,- (140 Euro)
  • Aura cleansing 20 min: NOK 450,- (39 Euro)

What to do if you want to book an appointment with me:

  • When you have found out the type of treatment or guidance you need, send me a request. You will then get the information you need ***about the session you booked. We will then find the right time :)) 
  • Feel free to send me any questions you have also if you are unsure of what you need.