We need time to create balance, the moments where we can meet our own needs, make room for healing and embrace our wisdom so we can live our truth...


The unique retreats where you will find shamanic wisdom, healing, yoga & nature...

Time To Heal retreats is unique, authentic and real where healing and love are found in every little detail! These retreats will help you find that little sparkle inside you again when life puts you through some tests, feeling stressed or burned out. It's all build on my own lifejourney & teachings through many years as a shaman woman, yogini and medium. We seek inner peace in touch with nature and the grounding so then again we can create the balance we need in this life...

As a healer, medium & spiritual guide...

My online offers:

We are here to learn so we can grow...

I have been teaching, healing and guiding people since 2010 on the way to balance and wholeness. My tools are taken from our old belief in nature where healing, shamanism and yoga are the main practices and subjects. Since I moved to Cyprus I now reach out and help people who need through my online offers. Read more here:
My name is Vilde Victoria Lassem and I am an approved healer in Norway by DNH and yoga teacher from YAI - with my own studio and teachings since year 2010. My greatest passion is to help you towards a transformation that gives you greater vitality and a direction that gives life more meaning!

These are my offers:

  • Healing / distant healing
  • Shamanic drumming / sound healing
  • Intuitive guidance /life coaching (online)
  • HealingYoga therapy (online)
  • Healing & Hatha yoga lessons
  • Memberships (online)
  • Teacher Trainings HealingYoga Instructor
  • Time To Heal Retreats
  • Full moon & New moon meditations/gatherings/ceremonies

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Memberships with yoga & guidance 

I guide you as a member via videos that I record weekly and which are shared on the member's area of ​​the website. For a small sum a month, you will constantly receive new updates within spiritual shifts, soft yoga and shorter meditations. A wonderful mix of guidance and yoga that contributes to positive development and a richer everyday life on all levels. 

* Recorded in Norwegian and English

Online spiritual guidance, healing & yoga therapy

I am an approved healer in Norway DNH as well as a certified yoga teacher YAI with my own practice for many years. I can help you with within mental and physical health aswell finding solutions to your life, career or when you face difficult crossroads or choices. 

If you need guidance or healing, you are welcome to book an appointment with me. As an strongly intuitive healer, I will be able to tune in and find more clarity around your blockages, I will then again make your energy flow freely again.

* all sessions can be done in Norwegian or English

Retreats for detox, healing & balance

I offer completely unique retreats that are made up of the right diet, healing, yoga & themes that will provide self-development and spiritual awareness. I use myself as both healer and yoga teacher together with good tools towards a more balanced lifestyle. And..everything is wrapped in love...

North Cyprus is the place of my heart and here I open the doors for a beautiful Time To Heal in March 2024. Read more here: